Kirameki is a character in Shigofumi who is a well-known and respected author in the area and often does TV interviews. His books have caused some people to do questionable things. 

Appearance Edit

Kirameki was known for having amazing looks and was even called beautiful by many characters, (including himself.) He has long silver hair and always wears expensive looking clothes even when he is working on his art or storyboards. 

Personality Edit

Kirameki can first be seen as a very kind man but this attitude changes whenever something of his past is brought into the picture. He finds beautiful things to be the key points to everything in the world and will even go as far to saying people that are ugly should kill themselves, since it would be the one beautiful thing they can do with their lives. 

The other side of Kirameki shows a very tormented person who lashes out against those most closest to him. (In most cases Fumika, his daughter) Most of this hatred can be accounted to his wife leaving him and Fumika many years ago. He is also not afraid to let his emotions get the better of him, when it is shown that he will hurt anyone who gets in his way. This can be shown when he shot Mika just to let his past memories go away.